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Leather Tools For Sale
Below is a complete list of tools that are available for sale and the corresponding images can be found below that.  You can also download the complete list on Microsoft Word format, by clicking here.  Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions. Thank you!

#1 Brass and rosewood Draw gauge "J. Charlton, Newark, NJ" Good condition brass and rosewood, frame marked with fitting number, bar may have faint mark.

#2 Draw gauge "HF Osborne 96 Newark, Nj" Bar and frame marked with  matching fitting numbers, but faint.

#3 Brass and rosewood drawgauge "CS Osborne Late WM Dodd, Newark, NJ".  Like new condition  Bar and frame have matching numbers

#4 Brass and rosewood drawgauge "J. Charlton, Newark NJ" fair condition no fitting numbers, bar has been pitted.

#5 Brass and rosewood drawgauge "H Huber, Philad" Bar and frame have matching numbers, and fair condition.

#6 Early brass bound drawgauge, marked English Newark, NJ Pattent" Early mark requires some imagination but there is no dispute on the maker.  Early casting leaves a crude look, wood looks to be walnut.

#7 Brass and rosewood "A Crawford FAH Newark NJ" Fitting numbers match nice

#8 Brass and rosewood "Pratt Letchworth Buffalo" Almost new condition just some surface rust from storage.

#9 Brass and rosewood "CS Osborne Newark NJ"  Early hand made thumb screw gives it some character. Numbers match.

#10 Brass and rosewood " WM Dodd Newark NJ" numbers match, there is some pitting on the bar, frame is very good.

#11 Brass and rosewood "A Crawford Newark Nj" numbers match.

#12 Brass "DS English Newark Nj" numbers match, clean mark

#13 Brass and rosewood "J English Newark NJ" no fitting numbers.

#14 Brass and rosewood "JA Adkei warranted" no numbers fair condition.

#15 Brass and rosewood "J English Newark, NJ" Decorated with a star, some pitting on bar, fair shape.

#16 Brass and rosewood "A Crawford Newark NJ" sunburst decoration. Numbers match fair condition.

#17 Brass "Baldwin Bontgen" decorated fluting, shows wear.

#18 very early brass no maker mark, numbers match wood in handle is very attractive, very similar to #6 which is also pictured here.

#19 Steel frame "HF Osborne Newark NJ".

#20 Draw gauge " Crawford Saurbier Newark Warranted" brass and rosewood numbers match. Good condition.

#21 All steel "Barnett"   like new condition.

#22 Brass and rosewood "H. Saurbier " cross decorated.  Numbers match. Good condition.

#23 Homemade drawgauge

#24 Homemade drawgauge

#25 Homemade drawgauge,

#26 Brass and rosewood "Crawford Newar" fair shape in a cross pattern tough to read.

#27 Brass and rosewood, "Hayden Letchworth" Numbers match, good shape. 

#29 Brass "J English H Huber Sheffield works Philla" "J English Hubers Patant" on bar Eagle stamp decoration.  We love the early adaptation of the user or the custom creation from the maker to enhance the tool.  The hold down bar is made to hold the leather down level.  It is well done and the design was copied through time on later draw gauges.

#30 Draw gauge "Newark NJ" part of the name is visible but I cannot read it.  Very interesting gauge.  Early custom size drawgauge, may be factory.  Crude tons of character.  One of my favorites.

#31 "DS English" early blade with bolster, handle missing. 

#32 "Mitchell"

#33 "A. Eickhoff  NY" Nice handle fair shape.

#34 "T Adams philla" Nice shape original.

#35 "Hayden Letchworth" good condition.

#36 "CS Osborne" French head knife, super rare knife oval handle.

#37 "cast steel #1" unmarked

#38 "J Charolton"

#39 "B & E"

#40 "Hartness Albany NY #1"

#41 "J English H Huber Sheffield works#4" as close to new as you can get, very rare and extreamly nice.

#42 "A Crawford Newark NJ" some staining.

#43 "J English" Nice handle blade pitted.

#44 "H Huber Philla #6" very nice some pits.

#45 "DS English Newark NJ" Nice

#46 "WM Dodd Newark"

#47 "DS English Newark NJ" Nice accidently number as 45, which is a similar DS English knife.

#48 "H Huber Philla"

#49  "CS Osborne" French head knife, super rare knife round handle.

6 extra pictures

#50 "CS Osborne Newark NJ X" Great shape from years of sharpening.

#51 "A Crawford cast steel warranted"

#51A Unmarked early American knife owner decorated. 

#52 "WM Brown"

#53 "Saurbeir Newark"

#54  "I Wilson" Tough shape rescue knife.

#55 "A Crawford FAH Newark NJ" 6 7/8" tip to tip, some staining one of the best.

#56 "7 Medallions Blanchard" 6 ¾ " tip to tip, great knife

#57 "J English "

#58 CS Osborne ruler Newark

#59 HF Osborne tool box

#60 CS Osborne tool box Newark.

#61 1826 Reprint, and what is left of a original CS Osborne catalog. 

#61a CS Osborne screw driver Newark. No numbers in pictures.

#62 A group of skirt chandling machines, hard to find.

#63 "CS Osborne"

#64   "CS Osborne Newark"

#65 CS Osborne"

#66 Early only marked "New ark NJ"

#67 "J English F A Huber Sheffield works patent"

#68 this is a set of embossing dies.  These came from an old shop in VT. And are the old original dies, no makers mark, all match, not reproductions.

#69 Very early harness makers cabinet.  Square head nails, At one time this box was home to the splitter pictured in Alex Farnham’s book Search for early New Jersey tool makers. Page 45 #58.

#70 CS Osborne screwdriver.

#71 Tapered loop sticks, not new from abbey saddler 3/8"-1 ¾"

#72 early English made splitter country not the person. Very rough

#73 used to make fly netting, early punches are marked H Huber, and have a Patten date.

#74 us harness makers roll  no tools

#75 "CS Osborne"

#76 "Dixon" on one and CS Osborne on the other.

#77 "H Saurbier" frame only.

#78 "J Charloton Newark NJ" Saddlers hammer

#79 "A Crawford FAH Newark NJ" Saddlers hammer

#80 "S & S New York" rare original pin. 9 hole rein rounder.

#81 "Pratt Letchworth Buffalo" missing hold down screw

#82 "A Crawford Warented Newark NJ" very faint mark.

#83 "Pratt Letchworth Buffalo" very near mint.

#84 "wson Co. Syracuse" Certainly Pope and Dawson, could be used, mark is faint.

#85 "WM Dodd Co. Newark NJ"

#86 A group of straining forks left to right

#86 "Crawford Saeubier Co. Newark NJ"

#87 "J Englis Hubers"

#88 "A Crawford Newark NJ"

#89 " CS Osborne"

#90 "DS English"  I like that the Farrell looks English, clearly American.

#91 Unmarked

#92 "J Englis Hubers

#93 "Pope Dawson Syracuse" Early rare, but broken.

#94 "WM Brown" saddlers hammer

#95 "CS Osborne" Saddlers hammer.

#95a group of brass rolls may be the best picture.  Some you may have to zoom out to see the image.

#96 Marked "316" 2 7/8 Dia, 3/4 " shaft.

#97 Brass spacers 2 7/8" dia, shaft is 1"

#98 2" dia 1" shaft

#99 "#15" 3" dia, 1.25" shaft

#100 3" dia, 1.5" shaft.

#101 "312" 2 7/8", ¾" shaft.

#102 "7/8" wide, 2 7/8" dia, shaft is 1.25

#103 "XXX #11" 7/8" wide 3" dia, shaft 1.25

#104 "HF Osborne"  embossing die only one I have seen.

#105 A nice group of early saddle stamps.  I bought most of these as a group.  Two of them are marked "Hartness Albany"  The rest are unmarked or homemade.  One is a CS Osborne #220.

#106 This is a very early embossing machine, hand cut threads, and each bolt hole has a number of slashes near the hole and each bolt has a matching set of slashes on them.  So the bolts were made to match the hole.  The bronze bushings look like they may have been replaced long ago.  This is very early.

"Harrison Breese maker Newark NJ #11" 

#107 "HF Osborne" "OPT" great rein rounder, rare, all original, nothing replaced, no apologies, could be used.

#108 "HF Osborne" box loop press. Good shape and useable.

#109 rare rein breaker- fits on the end of a Randall creaser.  ¾" and 1" size.

#110 "Randall and co. pat dec 1873" Brass decorative top roll steel bottom roll.

#111 very rare group of safety edger’s, missing #8. Great shape bought together.

#112 5 Double end wooden handled creasers. ALL marked CS Osborne, one marked "Late WM Dodd".

#113 "Wilson #6" CS Osborne #2

#114 "WM Brown" " English Huber Sheffield works"

#115 L-R 1) "CS Osborne" pad pliers  2) "CS Osborne Harrison, NJ" 3"HF Osborne Pad bolt pliers 4) "HF Osborne Pad bolt pliers 5) "CS Osborne" flat steel thing?

#116 "CS Osborne" spring leather patent compass, not in great shape.  Huber and English leather channeling compass

#117 Bunch of round punches, some of the name are "CS Osborne" WM Brown" "T Adams" "Bemis Call" "Sauerbier" "Huber"

#118 L-R

"Crawford" 1" scalloping

"CS Osborne " 1" pinking

"CS Osborne " 1.5" strait  pinking

"CS Osborne " 1" pinking

"Huber ½" scallop

"Huber ½" pinking

"Charlton Newark Nj 7/8" pinking

"Wm Dodd Co3/4" pink

"CSO ¾" scallop

"CSO 1.5" pink

"H & JW King New York’ scallop ¾"

"H & JW King New York’ pink  ¾"

"CSO 5/8" pink

"WM Dodd Newark NJ" 7/58" pink

"CSO" ½" scallop

3 unmarked pinking


#119 "HF Osborne OPT" 1.25" round end punch, nice

#120 ¼" CS Osborne Newark Nj" bag punch

#121 "CS Osborne" 4 point tool

#122 Name sake only not useable

"J English FA Huber Sheffield works 7/8"

"HF Osborne 1.25"

"J English Newark NJ 7/8"

#123 all trace end punches "CS Osborne"

5/8,  7/8, 1, 1 1/8, 1.25, 1 3/8, 1 3/8-has a crack

#124 "CS Osborne" 1" pink,

"HF Osborne" rectangle punch

2- "CS Osborne" rectangle punch

#125 bag punches

"J English 5/8"

Unmarked 5/8"

"CS Osborne" 1.25" trace

"HF Osborne 5/8" some pitting on back.

"WM Dodd Newark NJ’ ¾" good shape.

"CP Bursch Newark NJ" ¾"

#126 "WM Dodd" ½" bag

All but the first one is marked "CS Osborne" custom made set of rectangle punches, I bout them as a set, there are sizes on some, all in good condition.

1/8 x1/8

7/32 x 3/16

¼ x 3/16

7/16 x 3/16

1.25 x 3/16

#127 a group of very similar tools, handles farels and they came as a lot.

Only one tool is marked "L Bauer"

#128 a group of very similar tools, handles farels and they came as a lot.

2nd and 3rd tools marked "Will Fick"

#129 Stich markers L-R




B & I #10"

"CS Osborne" box carriage with 14 wheels, I bought this as part of a shop, all the wheels are diffent and original to this carriage. 

"CS Osborne #3" stich marker- must be a custom made one, only one I have seen.

"HF Osborne" Box carriage one wheel.

Brass stem stich marker "#10 Newark NJ"

"CS Osborne #4" overstitch

 "CS Osborne #4" stitch marker

#130 Apple wood handle hole punch unmarked, button hole punch, two book binders tools same pattern L-R flowers.

#131 Unmarked buckle tongue gouge, "CS Osborne" "V" tool small, "CS Osborne" "V tool larger, "Gomph" "V" tool medium, "CS Osborne" buckle tongue gouge nicest I have seen, "CS Osborne" "V" tool medium

#132  Creasers

Very nice creasing tool unmarked, handle is smooth and sleek looking (a good looking tool)

"HF Osborne" double creaser

Unmarked English style creaser

"CS Osborne #3" single creaser, nice

"CS Osborne #2" box loop creaser

Unmarked early English style box loop creaser

"CS Osborne #1" single edge creaser, not great

"Gomph #4" single edge creaser

User made, odd little creaser, you can still see the file marks

"HF Osborne trademark", small tickler

"CS Osborne #3" box loop creaser, nice

"CS Osborne #3" center line box loop creaser, some pitting

Unmarked tickler, looks early

Unmarked #3 box loop creaser

"CS Osborne #3" box loop, very nice

#133 L-R

Knife type tool "CF Osborne co"

"HF Osborne OPT trademark"

Unmarked chandler, very nice, brass head

Brass head, Hall’s pat. Chandler "ME HALL pat date"

Steel head, Hall’s pat. Chandler "ME HALL pat date"

"HF Osborne", Eurerka chandler

"CS Osborne" boston chandler, like new condition

Steven’s pat chandler, good condition, not blade, marked with pat date only

#134 Unmarked American made gig skirt chandler, very nice condition.

#135 "CS Osborne #5" custom made edger, Made opposite of a French edger the uprights go down not up.

#136 Odd looking creaser unmarked.

#137 1st tool marked "CS Osborne", last two unmarked, last tool has an antler handle and it is a user made creaser, work.

#138 "Pratt Letchworth Buffalo"

"Crawford Lyle" Part of Newark.

Last three are thong awls, unmarked.

#140 "Will Fink"

"#2 HF Osborne OPT Trademark"

"CS Osborne" English style edger

"WM Dodd Co."

 "WM Dodd Co."

"HF Osborne" #2 pat gum tool.

"C Rosecrans 1/4"

"H Sonnenschein"

Unmarked pad trimmer.

#141 User made punch

Odd creaser, unmarked square stem.

"3/8 C Rosecrans pat"

"5/16 C Rosecrans pat"

"WM Dodd"

Unmarked well-made edger.

"H Sonnenschein" two edge tools in one similar to a carving tool with two chambers separated _ _

2-Unmarked early edgers

#142 French edgers L-R

"Gomph 4"

"CS Osborne 2"

"CS Osborne 5"

"gomph 3"

"Will Fink" odd edger, has a convex bottom.

Tough to read looks like "W Watcher"

"Gomph 5"

Unmarked early edger

"CS Osborne 1/8"

#143 all but the first one is round bottom French edger’s

"2" English style edger.

"CS Osborne 5"

"CS Osborne 5"

"CS Osborne 2"

"CS Osborne 3"

"CS Osborne 4"

"CS Osborne 1"

"Gomph 1"


Stitching irons

"A Butler and sons 157 Dury lane"


"John Adams 12"

"Buck 8"

Unmarked 8-10

"Buck 10"

#145 "CS Osborne"

#146 "HF Osborne" "OPT"

#147 American user made scalloping carriage

#148 Top to bottom

"CS Osborne 7/8" Almost square, must have been custom made.

"Pratt Letchworth Buffalo" As nice as you will find

"C Rosecrans" Bissonette edger #0

#151 I was told by Russ Bigelow that this could possibly be the first draw gauge made n the us,  It is not marked but it is identical to the marked gauges that Russ has.  They were made in VT.



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